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Musicarium’s future headquarters project includes two interconnected buildings: the Music Academy building, which will serve around 500 students, and the Concert Hall, with capacity for an audience of 700 people.

An environment with an international standard infrastructure for the development of musical culture, where the community can experience music in a space for integration and social inclusion that is unique to the region.

The architectural project is hedead by Metroquadrado Arquitetura, a renowned company in the region, which has a large portfolio of commercial and residential projects.

The acoustic project requires special attention and will be signed by Nagata Acoustics, one of the few companies in the world specializing in this area.

With vast know-how in high performance acoustic design services, Nagata is a world reference, responsible for the best concert halls in the world, such as the Philhamornie in Paris, the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

Since 2018, Musicarium has been in direct contact with Nagata Acoustics for scope definitions and technical visits. Motoo Komoda, current CEO of Nagata, had the opportunity to get to know Musicarium’s work personally.

“This project is very special because they care about children above all else. They will train children to become professional-level musicians and then form the orchestra. I think it’s an excellent idea.”
Motoo Komoda – CEO Nagata Acoustics


Musicarium’s headquarters will occupy a prominent place in the heart of the Cidade das Águas neighborhood, on a 4,870.90 sq m plot of land donated by the HPB – Hansen Pedra Branca group.

It is a privileged location, on Rua Ottokar Doerffel, close to one of the main entrances of Joinville. The plan is to start construction in 2024 and completion in 2030.

Cidade das Águas is a smart neighborhood, located in the central region of Joinville (SC), with 250,000 sq m of homes, offices, shops, and services. It was designed so that, in addition to the more than 10 thousand people who live in it, the entire city can enjoy its environment, due to the fact that 70% of the area is reserved social gatherings, walks, and parks.


The Musicarium Academy of Music will be a milestone in the region’s musical development culture. The school will have a 6,000 sq m structure to serve around 500 students. The school will have classrooms for the study of music theory, spaces that are acoustically compatible with the practice of different instruments and, also, a rehearsal room for groups of chambers and orchestras.

The academy will also make it possible to promote the exchange of students and professors from Brazil and abroad, becoming an international training center for youth and orchestras.


The Concert Hall will be home to the Professional Philharmonic Orchestra and will allow performances by the largest orchestras in Brazil and the world, inserting Joinville into the international concert circuit.

With a capacity for 700 spectators, the structure is designed to accommodate large orchestras and will have the innovative proposal of reproducing high quality sound and image of the shows on the building’s facade, allowing thousands of people to enjoy the presentations for free.

The entire project will be carried out through fundraising with individuals, companies, sponsors, and national and international partnerships.

Accessibility and democratization of culture

In addition to serving as a stage for presentations of Musicarium’s orchestras and chamber groups, the Concert Hall will also put the city in the international circuit of major concerts and events. In addition, it is estimated that the complex could generate up to 300 direct and indirect jobs, benefiting both the culture and the economy of the region.

The CONCERT HALL will be a place for the community to experience music through shows, with high quality video and audio projection on the outside wall of the building, providing free access for large audiences thus creating a unique sociocultural integration space for the country.