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Musicarium is a training center for orchestras, with the purpose of developing young talent by investing in excellent, humanistic musical education and culture. We are a non-profit association that develops cultural work with social impact.


With the objective of establishing a Professional Philharmonic Orchestra, Musicarium started in 2017, as a project of the Core Excellence Center, focused on basic training, with children’s musicalization and musical initiation.

The relevance of the institute’s sociocultural purpose was confirmed in its first selection process, when the first 100 available spots were disputed by 700 candidates, of which 85% were children and youth from the public school system.


After three years of accomplished goals, a Children’s Orchestra, and some even greater plans in the pipeline, the Core Institute of Music assumed its own legal identity as Brazilian Musicarium Philharmonic Academy. With the objective of becoming an international player, it continued to transform lives through music, fostering culture, and forming citizens of excellence.


The Best Faculty

In addition to having a solid background in Brazil and abroad, our teachers have experience as instrumentalists in professional symphony orchestras. Our teachers’ methodology consolidates Musicarium as a center for training orchestras with a focus on children and youth.

High Quality Instruments

Students utilize some of the best instruments around from day one of their training. We have partnerships with the world’s largest professional instrument makers, as well as individuals who kindly provide real gems from their private collections for use at the school and presentations. Many of our partners consider Musicarium a reference in the development of young musicians and in the formation of orchestras.

Focus on the individual

Musicarium sees beyond the spectacle and is driven to provide kids and youth at the academy with a superior musical environment that inspires them to find new paths and a safe and dignified future.

At Musicarium, we have:

  • Personalized pedagogical and artistic programs;
  • Long-term planning;
  • Investment in infrastructure;
  • Governance with lean, effective, and transparent management.



He began his studies of music and trumpet at the Assembly of God church, with professor Paulo César Francisco, and then at the Bauru Cultural Center with professor Paulo Marcos Gomes Pereira.

He holds a degree in trumpet from the Conservatory of Tatuí and in music education from the Universidade do Sagrado Coração (USC-Bauru) and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in music from the State University of Paraná (UNESPAR).

Bassoonist of the Symphony Orchestra of the State University of Paraná, member of Camerata Embap, member of the CBVJ Symphonic Band and of the Experimental Youth Orchestra of the Musicarium.

Graduated from the Villa Lobos Music School, he began his studies at the Joinville Volunteer Fire Department at age 11. He is currently in the higher course in Instrument at Unespar / Embap in the class of Prof. Jamil Mamedio Bark and under the guidance of Prof. Filipe Castro at the Musicarium.

Clarinetist at the Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra, Master at the University of Arts in Berlin, Master in Music Pedagogy at the Academy of Music in Basel in the class of Prof. François Benda and a PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of Minho, Ariane began her studies at the age of 12, in her hometown of Belo Horizonte – Brazil.

In 2015, she won first place in the Devon & Burgani Clarinet Players Competition. In addition, she won the Ernani de Almeida Machado Prize, the Young Soloists Competition of the São Paulo Youth Orchestra, the Eleazar de Carvalho Prize and received a gold medal at the First Vienna International Music Competition.

Graduated in Pedagogy from UNIPAR (University of Paraná) with training in Piano, Musical Theory and Solfeggio, Initiation to Conducting, History of Music and Harmony from the Schubert Musical Academy with Austrian Professor Vera Schubert and pianist Antonio Bezzan. Throughout her professional career, she has taught Piano, Music Theory, Recorder, Electronic Organ and Electronic Keyboard.

Pianist, arranger and composer, awarded in several piano competitions, he is the author of compositions and arrangements for prominent orchestral and chamber formations in the country. He was part of the class of the respected Russian pianist Olga Kiun, at the Escola de Música e Belas Artes do Paraná.

He works as a pianist and arranger of the orchestra “à Base de Sopro” of the CMPB, where he has performed with Egberto Gismonti, André Mehmari, Nailor Proveta, Léa Freie, among others. As a soloist, he has performed with the main classical music groups in Paraná; OSP and Camerata Antiqua de Curitiba.

He taught master classes to more than 100 students in the interior and capital of Bahia and represented Brazil in the Youth International Orchestra, which performed the UN anniversary concert at its headquarters in NY in 2014.

He was also a Brazilian representative on two Orchestra of the Americas international tours in Europe and Mexico. In this orchestra he had as teacher and coach Karl Frisendahl (Royal Stokolm Orchestra) and Martin Schippers (Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra). He won the 1⁰ prize in the soloist competition of ABT (Associação Brasileira de Trombone) and the 2⁰ prize in the soloist competition of Projeto Bone Brasil. He is currently a bass trombonist at the Orquestra Sinfônica do Paraná, and Professor of Trombone at the Musicarium Academia Filarmônica Brasileira.

Bachelor in Percussion at UFSM, Master’s in Music at UFRJ, he works as a solo timpanist at OSPA and at the Symphony Orchestra of the University of Caxias do Sul (OSUCS). Between 2007 and 2008, as a member of the World Youth Orchestra (WMWO), he performed in some of the main concert halls in Europe: Berliner Philarmonie (Berlin), Muziekgebouw (Amsterdam) and Palau de les Arts (Valencia).

Since 2017, he has been the first double bass of the Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra (Ospa). Bachelor of Music from UFRGS, he qualified in double bass with professor Alexandre Ritter. In 2006 he won a scholarship at the University Southern Mississippi (USM), where he studied with Marcos Machado and obtained the title of Master and Doctor in music.

During his career at USM, he received the Significant Improvement Award and performed as a chamber musician, having been chosen several times to participate in the Chamber Music Honors Recital. In the US he was a member of the Gulf Coast Symphony, Meridian Symphony, Buffallo Commons Chamber Orchestra and Tango Rendezvous.

Graduated in the bachelor’s degree course in trombone at UNESPAR, where he was guided by Professor Silvio Spolaore, integrating within the university the groups of Orquestra Sinfônica, Banda Sinfônica and Big Band, in addition to acting as a freelancer in some groups such as the Orquestra Filarmônica da UFPR and Big Time Orchestra. He is also a student and assistant professor at Musicarium: Academia Filarmônica Brasileira (Joinville, SC), where he is supervised by professor David Santos.

He began his studies on the trombone as a student in the Bandas e Fanfarras project in São José SC, having also participated in the projects Banda Escola and Orquestra Escola de Florianópolis. He was a fellow of the IFSC Experimental Orchestra as a trombonist and administrative trainee simultaneously. He played with the Santa Catarina Symphony Orchestra.

Jonatas Rafael da Costa has a degree in horn from the School of Music and Fine Arts of Paraná. He has studied with renowned horn players and conductors today, such as: Luis Garcia (Brazil), Eric Ruske (USA) and Ignácio Garcia (Germany) among others.

As a soloist, he led orchestras such as the SC Symphony Orchestra, Ponta Grossa Symphony Orchestra, UFPR Philharmonic Orchestra, Prelúdio Joinville Orchestra. He was Horn Player of the Orquestra Cidade de Joinville; Santa Catarina Symphony Orchestra; SCAR Philharmonic Orchestra; Philharmonic Orchestra of the Federal University of Paraná. He was first horn of the Ponta Grossa Symphony Orchestra.

Lina Abe is a concert music percussionist and music educator. She is currently dedicated to research in the area of Music Education and Cognition on teaching methodology for musical performance. She is a Master in Music and Emotion and a PhD student in Musical Cognition at the Federal University of Paraná.

She began to study violin at age 4 in Curitiba, and continued it in Switzerland, at the Winterthur conservatory with Professor Werner Goos and later at the Hochschule in Zurich with Frau Häberli, a student of Ivan Galamin and with the Serbian soloist and conductor Robert Bokor.

She lived in Switzerland for 10 years, was part of several orchestras such as 21st Century Orchester in the KKL hall for 3 years, Basel Sinfonieta as a guest and Zurich Symphony in Tonhalle for 5 years. She is part of several chamber formations in Brazil, as a soloist and also in orchestras and works as a violin teacher in several cities and is part of the faculty of the Musicarium Academia Filarmônica Brasileira in Joinville.

He began his oboe studies with Professor Joel Gisiger at the Municipal Music School of São Paulo in 2012. He was part of the Baccarelli Institute, under the guidance of Professors Joel Gisiger and Peter Apps and he joined the University of Music of São Paulo, Professor Arcádio Minczuk. He was a fellow at the SESI-SP Philharmonic Orchestra, with classes with Professor Peter Apps. During the period from 2019 to 2021 he studied at the Escola Superior de Música Reina Sofia (Madrid), with professors Hansjörg Schellenberger and Victor Anchel. With chamber group classes under the guidance of the teachers, Radovan Vlatkovic (horn), Gustavo Nuñez (bassoon) Jacques Zoon (flute) and Pascal Moraguès (clarinet). He also joined the Higher Conservatory of Music Joaquin Rodrigo (Valencia) professor Vicente Llimera.

He holds a degree and a postgraduate degree in violin from the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Mannheim (University of Music and Performing Arts of Mannheim) in Germany and is a doctoral student in Violin Specialized Music at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

He has worked as associate concertmaster at the Mannheim Philharmonic and guest violinist at the Heidelberger Sinfoniker, the Baden-Baden Philharmoniker, the Mannheimer Mozartorchester, the Philharmonie der Nationen, among others and has performed at some of the most prestigious festivals and concert halls in Europe, Asia and americas.

Bachelor in Cello from the School of Music and Fine Arts of Paraná (EMBAP), with a postgraduate degree in Cultural Management from SENAC Centro Universitário. He participated in several Music Festivals such as the Curitiba Music Workshop, Gramado International Music Festival, among others.

He was a soloist with the UFPR Philharmonic Orchestra and invited to play with the Chamber Orchestra of the Winterthur Conservatory. He has performed as first cello in the Blumenau Orchestra, Paraná Symphony Orchestra, Santa Catarina Philharmonic Orchestra, EMBAP Orchestra, UFPR Philharmonic Orchestra, Ponta Grossa Symphony Orchestra, among others.

Born in Joinville-SC, he began his musical studies at the age of 14 on piano and transverse flute. He began his flute studies at Casa da Cultura with Professor Lysandra, and trained up to intermediate level 1. In the same year he joined the Joinville Fire Department Band. During this period he also took classes with Professor Luiz Fernando Campelo.

In 2018 she participated in the selection process to enter the Musicarium Academia Filarmônica, where she was awarded a scholarship to enter her studies. Since then, she has taken Instrument classes with Professor Vinicius Lira, who graduated from the Reina Sofía Music School in the class of renowned Professor Jacques Zoon. She too, piano lessons with professor Arthur Bandt, and music theory lessons with professor Simone Gutjahr.

Born in Joinville, Santa Catarina, he began his music studies at the age of ten in the Band of the Joinville Volunteer Fire Department. He participated in the Santa Catarina Music Festival, FEMUSC, where he studied with renowned tubists such as Andreas Martin Hofmeir (Austria) and Marcos dos Anjos (Brazil) and international conductors such as Dietmar Wiedmann (Germany) and Catherine Larsen-Maguire (England).

He performed with the Academic Orchestra of the Villa Lobos School of Music, in Joinville, the SCAR Philharmonic Orchestra and in several chamber groups, such as the brass quintet of the Villa Lobos School of Music and the brass ensemble of the Cidade de Joinville Orchestra.

He began his studies at the School of Music and Fine Arts of Paraná. Master by the Escuela Reina Sofía under the tutelage of Professor Jacques Zoon, where he received the certificate of best student of his course, from the hands of Queen Sofía in person. Born in Curitiba, he has been part of several orchestras in Brazil and around the world.


SERGIO OGAWA • President – Director

Conductor with more than 35 years of experience in the development of children’s orchestras, he participated in the training of more than 600 young musicians in projects throughout Brazil.

In 1983, he started a strings group with 7
children, which ten years later become a youth philharmonic orchestra, performing concerts in Brazil,
South America, Japan and the United States.

In 2016, he was invited to take on a challenging mission:
to start a project called the Core Institute of Music, which
would become the Musicarium Brazilian Philharmonic Academy,
making it a musical center of excellence in the training of young talents and orchestras. In addition to the functions of conductor and artistic-pedagogical director, Sergio acts as CEO, leading the management, infrastructure, and relationship with partners and investors.

Karla Flores de Lima • Cultural Services Manager

Graduated in Economics from the Università di Studi di Firenze (Italy) and in Management Processes from the Castelo Branco University, she also has a specialization in Controllership from the Federal University of Paraná, and also in Art Production and Culture Management from PUC/PR.
She worked for 20 years in various management positions and at least 10 years in the controllership area. She entered the artistic universe as an amateur flutist at the Development Center of the Orquestra Filarmônica Brasileira do Humanismo Ikeda, in Curitiba, becoming vice-coordinator of the same group.

She has worked at Musicarium since its foundation as Instituto Core de Música, in 2017, in the development and coordination of projects, fundraising, and management.

Raphael schmitz • Marketing Analyst

Graduated in Industrial Design, with a postgraduate degree in Strategic Marketing, and a master’s degree in Design and Graphic Expression, he has more than 20 years of experience in various areas of graphic design, branding, and illustration.

At the same time, he has been teaching for over 15 years as a university professor in the subjects of Drawing, Illustration and Computer Graphics.

At Musicarium, he is responsible for brand management, marketing development, and communication strategies.